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York Community Choir Festival

Joseph Rowntree Theatre

27th February 2024

We swapped our usual Tuesday night rehearsal venue for a rather grander affair this week - Joseph Rowntree Theatre.

The York Community Choir Festival is in its 8th year this year and we joined three other choirs for a celebration of singing. Coming to the Festival is always a great sing out. The standard is high but the pressure is low with no mark sheets and an invitation for all to enjoy themselves. This is the 3rd year in a row the chorus has sung at the festival!

Jubilate, Some Voices York and Sounds Fun Singers all took to the stage before us. The variety in the programs was astonishing with everything from Duke Ellington to Loreen (Eurovision lovers will know!).

Our set started with our live premiere of Almost Like Being in Love. This is a song we have been working on for some time and recently restyled its delivery. We think it will now be a firm favourite for a show opener! There was even a little choreo at the beginning!

Then we did some old chorus favourites - Anthem and Beauty and the Beast. We finished with our package for Spain. It's had a lot of hard work put in at our recent retreat and is now sounding great. Singing it on that stage gave us some of that difference in acoustics and an audience to perform for. At the end of When She Loved Me, it was so quiet and controlled. Catrina even did a triumphant little air punch!

We ended the night with the whole theatre singing What a Wonderful World. It was great to sing with all the other choirs!

Next stop - Spain!


By Kyra H
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