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Sun, Surf, Smiles and Singing

Abbey Belles attended the Barbershop of IBeria Association (BIBA) Annual Convention in April.

It's been a week since we got back from Calpe, Spain for the BIBA Convention, and we have almost returned to Earth! We had a fantastic time - read all about it below along with some 'favourite moments' from some of our Belles.

Thursday 4th April 2024:

We departed Selby nice and early and were touched to be sent off in style by Sueperb who sadly couldn't come with us. The journey couldn't have gone smoother and another highlight was a quick "flash mob" in East Midlands airport for the check-in staff!

Friday 5th April 2024:

For most of the Belles, Friday was a day to enjoy the sunshine and explore Calpe. For the members of Jabberwocky it was time for rehearsals and stage time as they were competing in the Quartet Contest. They really appreciated the Belles whooping and cheering from the audience!

A special memory for Heather:

"A lovely morning walking to the Spanish steps after encouragement from the others; Della, Helen, Irene and Geraldine - I wanted to return and would have missed old town without their persuasion."

Saturday 6th April 2024:

This was the big day! There was time for a quick paddle before our rehearsal in the morning, then had lunch and got 'stage-ready' before going into the 'System' at 2.45pm. Twenty minutes in the warm-up room and then it was our time on stage and it was magical. Fortunately as we were last on there wasn't much time to wait before the results appeared. There were tears a-plenty when our MDs found out the results half-dressed in the hotel corridor! We had scored our best ever score of 70.1% and celebrated with a swim in the sea and some drinks.

Some favourite moments from the Belles:


"One of my favourite moments was when leaving the stage after our last quite emotional song (without my stick). Catrina came forward to hold my arm and help me. I am 50 years her senior - it was so thoughtful and such a very moving moment for me."


"I felt very emotional after we had sung our package and so proud to receive such a fantastic response from the audience. The score was the icing on the cake - and you know how much the Belles love cake"


"After we had sung our package I was standing there listening to the audience clapping and cheering, I realised that the hairs on my arms were stood to attention and that I was tingling all over. I knew that we had sung our hearts out and sounded amazing. The score we received was the perfect ending to a wonderful day"


"The way the audience welcomed us on the stage was electrifying and we hadn't even sung at this point! We were so set up to perform at our best yet. The audience didn't disappoint with celebrating each of our songs. So wonderful to be appreciated."


"Moments I'll remember:
  • Swimming and creating the 70.1% - Trot running straight in after the rest of us had taken the gradual approach!

  • The Saturday evening when we got back and attempted a few songs on our neighbors balcony - Ann, Shirley and Tracy - in lullaby mode on the balcony.

  • Swimming in the pool with Candy - dance movements to ABBA playing at the line dancing class.

  • Close up with the quartet in the afterglow

  • And overall the amazing feeling of happiness and enjoyment in each other's company. A fantastic weekend that I'm so grateful to have been a part of!"

Sunday 7th April 2024:

A final few hours left to explore the area and enjoy what was left of the sunshine before heading back home. We arrived back in Selby about 1am. A long but exceptionally fun weekend which we will remember for a looooong time :)

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