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Our Fabulous February Retreat!

3rd and 4th February at Stableside at York Racecourse

By Debra Finn

The arrival of the Belle’s and the ensuing setting up of the room to make way for the risers in readiness for a weekend of fun and learning at York Racecourse Jockey quarters. The host room recently decorated and sleeping quarters updated being noted by previous retreat attendees. Looking good so far for a first timer at a retreat weekend. Not forgetting the stripy carpet to keep our Trot and Helen on their toes (and wait until Emma arrives)!

Excellent warm up with Helen at 10am then it was Emma’s arrival at 11am and the beginning of an amazing start to our retreat coaching sessions.  Emma took no time in getting started with another short warm up before standing on the risers to sing our convention songs and listen for areas to work on.


It was then followed by the Belle’s sitting on chairs in a circle with Emma on the floor to coach us about our upper body singing instrument.  This started with an exhale of existing air and breathing in to hold the wee position to work on strengthening our abdominal muscles and pelvic floor. This caused a bit of a belle ringing stir and some laughter!

It was then on to the risers for a rendition of our convention duo songs ‘It's Only A Paper Moon’ and ‘When She Loved Me’ while bringing in our newfound abdominal strength coaching. Wow what a change just WOW!

A selection of memories from some of the rest of the chorus:

We had an amazing selection of homemade cakes that included millionaire shortbread, all made by our very own Jabberwocky.


Ann re-inventing Charades with a new twist with a little help from a glass of wine after our meal at the local eatery (and meant with kind intention) x


"Sausages... or was it Spaghetti" remembers Trot as we passed our partners from across the circle to demonstrate our given emotion and causing a lot of laughter and amusement amongst us.


Laughter Yoga to really test our abbs, as well as test how long we could hold the wee!


A Sueperb memory of sitting with closed eyes while listening to "100 Belles singing 'beautifully'!"

The feeling from Ann that with Emma’s brilliant coaching and the Belle’s hard work, the improvement was amazing and gave the feeling of greater confidence!

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