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International Women's Day

8th March 2024

We are lucky to share our singing and hobby with many inspirational women who all work together to support each other every week to help us achieve our best. We come to rehearsals after busy days at work, at home, as carers, and more, but all share a love of singing which never fails to lift our spirits by the end of the evening.

We are super proud of all our members, but here is a spot light on just a couple:


"My specific title is 'Paediatric Specialty Trainee Year Two'. This means I am a qualified doctor but continue to train in order to specialise in looking after children. I mostly work on the hospital wards; reviewing and managing many patients. This includes discussions, examinations, performing procedures, prescribing medications and requesting / reviewing investigations. I work a lot of hours including many night shifts. I love my job. It can be physically and emotionally demanding but for me, there is nothing more rewarding.

I use singing with the Belles as a way to relax and switch off from work. It’s also brilliant for connecting with other people and building new friendships. I also enjoy the challenge of learning and developing new skills."


Sylvia works at the Prince of Wales Hospice as a volunteer.


Helen is not only our Assistant Musical Director, but is a Senior Systems Analyst on a People Systems team. We asked her some questions:

What does that mean?

"People Systems are the team who look after the technology that HR use every day to hire people, pay them, promote them, book holiday etc. My day might be leading a project to launch new functionality or getting my hands dirty and configuring some functionality myself."

Do you enjoy it?

"Yes, I love it! I'm very fortunate to work with people who want to develop people and push for improvement every day! I also love that my team is made up of predominantly women which would have been unheard of in a technology team 15 years ago. My favourite part of the job is getting to advocate for other women wanting to get in to a technology role, something that I didn't have when I was starting out."

How does it feel to sing after a day's work?

"Absolutely marvellous!! To be able to lock the laptop, dash over to rehearsal and do something totally different is such a relief! And it's true what they say about singing being good for the soul, no matter what's happened in the day job a good sing always makes the world right again!!"


Gill is a volunteer officer of Lions Clubs International!

Happy International Women's Day.
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