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Within the chorus there are other, smaller groups of musicians, including:

  • Eclipse

  • Hullabaloo

  • Jabberwocky

We also occasionally put together the "AbbeyBella Orchestrella" just for fun to perform at the Abbey Belle shows.  They are made up of members of the chorus who play (or used to play) musical instruments.  It is usually a rabble, but really good fun!

Eclipse (1)a.JPG


Eclipse formed in 2009  with their first performance being at the Abbey Belles Show in Howden that year.  A subsequent change in line up, with Anne filling the gap left by Catrina, gave the current six “Eclipsers”;  Carol, Jamie, Jo, Della, Janet and Anne. 


Eclipse sing in a variety of styles, both a cappella and accompanied, and have songs in their repertoire in two, three, and four part harmony.  Always keen to try something new, the sextet have experimented with beat boxing, and are known for having fun with choreography as part of their performances. 


As well as a bit of good harmony singing, Eclipse love a curry, a cake and an escape room!

Hullabaloo (2).JPG


Hullabaloo have been singing together since 2002.  They are:

  • Susan (Tenor)

  • Anne (Lead)

  • Geraldine (Bari)

  • Anne (Bass)


The quartet has a varied repertoire of modern and more traditional songs. They have competed successfully in local music competitions and have twice been placed 9th in the LABBS national quartet competition.  In 2009 Hullabaloo were delighted to achieve Susan's lifetime ambition of singing on Radio 4. Their version of the 'Upshares Downshares' theme was played on November 9th on the PM programme. Some of the 'Upshares' recordings, including Hullabaloo's, were made into a CD for BBC's Children in Need appeal, 2010. The CD was spectaculalrly successful and sold over 7000 copies.

Jabberwocky (4)a.jpg


Jabberwocky were formed in 2018.  They are made up of:

  • Victoria (Tenor)

  • Catrina (Lead)

  • Amy (Bari)

  • Natalie (Bass).  

Victoria, Catrina, Amy and Natalie all sing with the Abbey Belles.  They have been together as a quartet for four years, during which time they've enjoyed lots of fun and laughter.  The highlight has been their Christmas performance to a packed audience at Harlow Carr and winning their first trophy at the Pontefract Music Festival in March 2019.  They recently won the Most Improved Quartet at LABBS Quartet Prelims in June 2022

For more information, see their Facebook page:


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Jabberwocky celebrating Most Improved Quartet from LABBS Prelims 2022 and Ladies Barbershop Quartet Class at Cleethorpes Music Festival 2022


Jabberwocky competing at LABBS Quartet Prelims Jun 2019


Eclipse practising for Abbey Belles Show May 2016

AbbeyBella Orchestrella

AbbeyBella Orchestrella playing at the Abbey Belles Show Sep 2012


Jabberwocky celebrating a well earned drink after LABBS Prelims Jun 2019


Eclipse Oct 2018


Hullabaloo singing at Abbey Belles Show May 2016


Hullabaloo singout with Scunthorpe Male Voice Choir Nov 2007

AbbeyBella Orchestrella

AbbeyBella Orchestrella playing at the Abbey Belles Show Sep 2012


Hullabaloo competing at LABBS Convention Oct 2006


Jabberwocky at Pontefract Music Festival Mar 2019


Eclipse at Rothwell Music Festival Mar 2017

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