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York Community Choir Festival

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

By Gill Swan

One of our favourite songs is titled "The Climb" and it was our opening number at the York Community Choir Festival, hosted by Joseph Rowntree Theatre on 6th March 2023.

York Community Choir Festival is in its seventh year and fast becoming a favourite with local choirs. This year’s event hosted 32 choirs and we were pleased to be invited back to perform on its second night.

Abbey Belles having some stage time pre-performance

(photo taken during our warm up slot before the concert started)

It was a first in many ways as two of our members donned the yellow earrings for the first time, and took to the stage having mastered our performance repertoire in only a few short weeks. They received well deserved congratulations from their 'sisters' in the Chorus.

The second 'first'’ was our first public performance of 'Fever', a challenging composition that received further polishing at the weekend under the watchful eye, and meticulous ear of Emma Shanks. Not only did our Barbershop coach (and LABBS judge) guide us through our favourite songs but she also challenged us to think, stand, dream and vocalise in ways that surprised us. The result was resounding and we look forward to expressing all of this learning at our regular Tuesday night practice sessions.

So thank you York Community Choir Festival and all our fellow singers for allowing us to demonstrate that we are on our way and what a great ‘Climb’ it is.

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