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Springhill Court Singout - 5th May 2022

By Sueperb

On Thursday 5th May, a number of Belles travelled to Easingwold to perform for the residents of Springhill Court, plus their friends and family.

Our warm-up room was accompanied by lots of hammering and drilling as there were some renovations taking place, but this was our first singout after our mask wearing requirements were relaxed for us, and only the third singout since the end of 2019 - we were ready to sing our hearts out!

After some warm-ups and practicing the songs intro’s we were ready and raring to go. We were introduced to our audience by Barry, one of the residents who also kicked off the concert with a real-life trumpet fanfare! That was a fabulous first for us.

Trot (our MD) was brilliant as always, introducing each song with a little bit of background information, and her dazzling smile. The residents were loving being entertained and were so appreciative, and some lovely comments were made.

One lady frequently gave us a one word endorsement, "I'd just like to say one word, you are..."

Another lady sat right at the back and wept and wept. Not because we were awful, but because she was so moved.

Who knows what memories were unlocked, moments in time remembered by hearing beautiful lyrics or a familiar tune. It was a very emotional concert, and not just for the residents. Possibly it was because we were able to perform once again after such a long time, and possibly because we could see the amazing effect our singing was having. We certainly did sing our hearts out.

All too quickly the concert was over. Barry, resplendent in his DJ and dickie-bow presented Trot with a beautiful bouquet of flowers - cue more tears. The lady manager of Springhill Court thanked us all for being there and told us that in the 15 years she'd been the manager, she'd never seen the residents moved to tears.

Wow, just wow.

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