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Scenery, Singing, Socialising, Smiling!

Mental Health Week 10th - 16th May 2021

With the lockdown easing enough to allow singing outside in small groups, the basses had a face to face sectional on Sunday.

In aid of Mental Health Awareness Week we stopped to think about what the chorus has meant to us, and how good it felt to be able to sing again with our friends!

Scenery, Socialising, Singing, Smiling

Candy said:

"Having stepped away from Abbey Belles Chorus for over one year due to the Pandemic, I would like to say how very good it has been to be welcomed back to the Bass Sectionals. Preferring to be outside we braved the weather yesterday in Natalie’s field where social distancing was easy and we were rewarded by dry weather. While we were recording one of the new songs the sound was suddenly enhanced by a loud and prolonged hoot from a passing train! We soldiered on like good Belles although I’m sure our laughter was also recorded! There is only one thing better than singing and that’s singing along with friends."

Bernice said:

"In my diary for Sunday in large print it said BASS SECTIONAL!! I could hardly wait. This was only the second time we were meeting up and it was sunny with a little breeze so six of us were able to be outside in a garden with birds singing around us (and a train hooting too!) It was lovely to be with the group again. Seeing them on zoom is nothing like being with them in person. Of course we chatted ‘a bit’ but did manage to sing (voice croaky though I am ‘elderly’) after no real weekly practises. I've been alone throughout the lockdown, and my weekly shop has so kindly been delivered by two of them. I felt that at last I was belonging to a group again. I always feel included and am so looking forward to singing with the whole chorus once again."

Some Leads enjoying a sing last week
Bari Belles having a giggle
Smiling Tenor Belles

It is so heart-warming to see our Belles getting back together in small groups to enjoy each other's company after so long being apart. It is now well known that singing is good for your mental health and wellbeing, but singing with your friends must be even more beneficial!

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