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Cleethorpe Music Festival

18th June 2022

Last weekend saw the Belles travelling to Cleethorpes for our first competition since 2019. It was a fabulous day, socialising with the Belles after the last couple of years of zoom, social distancing and wearing masks. It was a first 'Belles outing' for several of our members, including our newest Belle Gill who only joined us two weeks ago. Another bonus was seeing our friends from Main Street Sound and Spirit Of Harmony again after so long - and getting to sing altogether. And the icing on the cake - coming home with a trophy :)

Bernice writes a quick review of the day for us:

A coach trip to Cleethorpes with the Abbey Belles - WOW!! I hadn’t been to the seaside since the trip to Isle Of Man in 2019.

Excitedly we boarded the coach and set off. Some started on their ‘pack ups’ straightaway and a few songs were sung (quite reservedly) for us. The excitement really started for me by leading ‘the conga’ down the street prior to the scramble to change into our lovely new blue tops with accompanying yellow beads and earrings - We looked fabulous.

"Shall we warm up then?" "No let's do a conga!"

Our wonderful Jabberwocky quartet won in their class. It was a good omen.

Lovely singing by Main Street Sound, Spirit of Harmony and others but the Abbey Belles were on last and we WON the huge shield for best Barbershop chorus (which has been around since 1929 - ten years before I was born!) A Distinction with 89 points - just one more point would’ve been Outstanding!

Fantastic Fish 'n' Chips followed, plus great singing of old and current repertoire on the coach home. A cuppa in Nat 'n' Liz’s barn finished a day I will remember for a long time. So enjoyable and what unexpected fun at 83 years of age. Thank you all.

Bernice .🧙😁

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