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Back to real life!

On 6th July the Abbey Belles met for their first face to face rehearsal in 15 months. Candy gives us an insight into what it was like:

Firstly, thank you to Natalie, Liz and others for the thought and preparation in order to keep us safe at our first full rehearsal since the pandemic stopped our usual efforts.

The weather kept us guessing but we managed - our music sheets were dampened but not our spirits! There was even a rainbow spotted. Must be an omen….

We spaced out appropriately, standing on the white markers and sang at volume 3 as requested. However the familiar sound of the passing trains totally ignored the rules as they blasted their horns at a probable level 10! Once again we soldiered on. A valiant attempt was made at our newest song "You Gotta Be". We sang Happy Birthday to HelenM and had a go at a couple of old favourites and HelenR declared we’ve not lost it!

I’d not seen many of the Belles for 18 months so it was great to say hello again. Lots of new hairstyles, including my own. But apart from that, everyone looked just just as before and it was as if the pandemic had never happened. Looking forward to the next one.

Candy xx

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