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Busking Belles

13th August 2022

By Geraldine

The Abbey Belles met outside Selby Abbey on Saturday 13th August at 10am – early because it was due to be another very hot day! We had decided to do some busking as the care home singout planned for that day was a victim of Covid. It was a good excuse to try and collect some money and advertise our Concert for Ukraine on 17th September.

We stood proudly next to our concert banner, which was attached to the railings of the Abbey. Although there weren’t too many people around several came and donated money and chatted about the concert. After a couple of songs we had to compete with the Abbey Bells – a bit ironic!

Jamie brought baby Quinn to help and he didn’t cry when we sang – for a change! We moved down to the Market Cross area which was quite busy as usual, thanks to the coffee shop with outside tables. And we had a captive audience! Plenty of people threw money in the bucket and took concert leaflets, we even saw a £20 note go on. We tried to keep in the shade as it got hotter, but that did mean blocking an apartment doorway with our bodies and bags, Of course, a young lad that lived there decided to come out mid-song, but he was very understanding!

We had a request to sing outside the Refill-It shop – the owner requested ‘Shine’, so we were happy to oblige before dispersing.

Ann took the money home and let us know later that...

...we had collected over £96...

...not bad going for an hour or so!

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